Trailking 2019

The King is back!

Meet the new Trailking.

One of the Major changes in the new Atomlab Trailking 2019 is it’s new tapered headtube for increased stiffness of the front triangle, as a tapered tube will always be more rigid than a cylindrical one, hence some other important advantages to consider, increased cornering precision and increased feedback while riding.
The resistance of the frame is also increased for this particular area, lowering the risk of cracking the down tube or the top tube at their junction with the headtube.
The new headtube fits Zero Stack ZS44/ZS56 semi-integrated heatsets, ZS Cup inserts protects the headtube from direct contact with the bearings.
The Trailking’s new Headtube angle -71.8 deg. gives the new Trailking a shorter wheelbase and better angles for better control.

The new Atomlab Trailking 2019’s chainstay and chainstay yoke is another major improvement from the previous models, from Box gussets to the new custom chainstay Plate Yoke technology.
The new yoke does not only provide lots of tire and chain ring clearance, it blends smoothly to the custom made and tapered Daytona Air4130 chainstay tubes, wrapping around the standard MTB 1.37″ x 68mm bottom bracket shell for extra welding surface area. 
The yoke plates are supported by a gusset, a combination that provides an extra strong connection to the bottom bracket and overall stiffness of the rear triangle.